ISO 9001:2008

Quality is a way of life at BPC. BPC is committed to being a ISO-9001 certified company utilizing quality tools like Team Problem Solving, Product and Process Control Plans and Statistical Process Control to maintain a competitive edge within the automotive industry and beyond.
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Quality Policy
We are committed to raising industry standards
in the area of critical surface material processing. We are dedicated to delivering just-in-time when our customers requirements call for it..

Vision and Mission Statement
To be the industries number one toll processor
of sheet and bar products as perceived by
our customers

Operations Overview
Our business philosophy is to provide unmatched services to our customers.

Our primary business is operating equipment. We believe this specialization is in the best interests of both our customers and ourselves.

Because we do not maintain an inventory, we are able to concentrate our efforts and our investment capital on continually upgrading our equipment. This approach also has the added benefit of a partnership with our customers, not competition.

We must provide our customers with the highest quality service available, while at the same time, maximizing the customer's cost savings.

* Above information is posted out of the Bar Processing Corporation Quality System Manual and is posted for reference only.

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